Q: What is an ethics consult?

A: An ethics consult is the process of analysing an ethical problem or dilemma to understand it and to formulate ethically appropriate solutions.  You can learn more about ethics consultation by listening to this brief radio interview with ethicist, Dr. Katrina Bramstedt: https://soundcloud.com/abc-gold-coast/the-shuffle-with-clinical-ethicist-professor-katrina-bramstedt Note: dilemmas can arise in many areas, not just healthcare.  See the sample list in the next FAQ.


Q: What kinds of matters are suited for an ethics consult?

A: Here is a small list of examples:

  • Observing unethical behavior & whistleblowing
  • Bioethics dilemmas such as assisted suicide, euthanasia, end-of-life, CPR
  • Elder care (driving, independence)
  • Gift giving/receiving
  • Truth-telling, transparency, disclosure
  • Conflict with other peoples' values (friends, family, co-workers, clergy)
  • Privacy and confidentiality matters
  • Matters relating to trust, honesty, integrity
  • Managing conflict of interest


Q: Does AskTheEthicist provide medical, legal, counseling, or psychiatric advice?

A: NO.  Please seek the help of a physician, lawyer, psychologist or psychiatrist as needed.


Q:  After I receive the consult report, do I have to follow the advice I am given? 

A:  NO.  The report is advisory guidance only--you can choose to use some of it, all of it, or none of it--we offer no warranty or guarantee with our service.


Q:  How fast is your service?

A: It depends on the service you order.  However, we cannot control loss of power/Internet access (ours or yours) and we will do our best to honor your time request.  We are not liable for delays not under our control and turn-around times are approximate (not exact).


Q:  Can  I share my consult report with other people?

A:  You can share the consult report with anyone you choose; however, it is not a legal or medical document.


Q: Can I talk to the ethicists directly?

A:  NO.  Ethics consultation is performed only via the web-based app or smartphone app.


Q: How will I receive my consult report?

A:  You will receive the report via email.  Check your spam or junk folder if you do not see it.